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I can’t decide

I like them both for different reasons

Which one do you like better?

posted 08 Jul 2013 @ 20:17
  1. franzi-von-karma said: I prefer the pink wig :o
  2. nodelinquent answered: the first one if ya ask me
  3. kaitiiu answered: Second one!
  4. spallard answered: the second one. more of super cutie zafara smooshy face and the pink is nice and contrasintg
  5. smokewithnofire answered: 2 C:
  6. feuilly answered: I like the pink hair :)
  7. camoaisha answered: The first one fits better but I like the second one more D: But I think go with the first one because there’s not much pink/red in the 2nd
  8. thestanakatic said: Actually, take that back. the pink hair is badass.
  9. military-grade-custard said: Number one :) I think the hair goes with the coat better, but number two draws more attention to the face with the brighter color. plus the not hiding of the face.
  10. thestanakatic answered: I like the hair of number one, but I like that you can see the eyes in number two? Are the goggles part of the wig?
  11. military-grade-custard answered: Number one :) I think the hair goes with the coat a bit better.
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